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ExcelReport : What's new with V1

This new version contains fixes, brings new features and is delivered with an example database


New features.

Example Database

Base ExcelReport Demo

The ExcelReport library is delivered with a Notes Database hosting several examples of use, including an invoicing agent, and an Excel graphic.

The database allows also the use of ExcelReport without any programming.

All you have to do is designing the Excel model, and recording the necessary parameters in a document, then click a button to produce the report.

Compatibility with the preceding version

The signature of the ExcelReport class is changing with this new version. Replacement of the old library by the new one implies a new compilation of the calling script.

The new library is named ExcelReport_1. To use it instead of the old version, you have to change the use directive in the calling object, and this will force a fresh compilation and avoid run time problems.

The class name remains the same, so changing the use directive is the only mandatory change to your code.
The use of new functionalities can imply some other changes.

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