Thierry Seunevel
 Thierry Seunevel
If you are interested in Enterprise Applications Integration, AS400, Lotus Notes and Java development, Thierry Seunevel, independent developer shares on his site :
EAI Description of solutions to inter-application integration issues (EAI) during recent missions like
  Java servlet Java Servlets to provide an XML interface to a flight booking system hosted on AS400
  ODBC Lsx SQL query of DB2/400 databases from a Lotus Domino application on Windows servers, without any ODBC driver
RPG Lotusscript Java Code tips and tricks in different programming languages (RPG, Java, Lotusscript, Javascript) like ..
  ExcelReport A Lotusscript class allowing creation of an Excel report in no more than 5 Lotusscript specifications (new version)
  HTML2XML Javascript function using the names of the HTML elements in a set of forms to convert the data to an XML request before sending it to the server.
CV Thierry Seunevel If you want to know more about the author, a resume and a list of companies who trusted him during his career

 Platforms  Applications  Technologies
 Lotus Notes Domino
 Legacy applications
 Document management
 RPG, CL, API, X25
 Websphère, Jakarta-Tomcat

What's new
what's new Author of a two parts article in the March/April issue of The View Technical Journal
what's new A new version of the ExcelReport class
what's new A tool to edit any text, number or date item on any Notes/Document
List of Companies A list of Companies who trusted me in the past years

Soon on this site
Lotusscript A Notes Java agent parsing the content of XML orders received through e-mail and adding records to AS/400 tables.
in english soon More and more pages with an english version


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