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In this section, my goal is to present useful functions in different programming languages.
I have developped this functions to solve specific problems encountered in several missions.
They are a solution to a given issue, that can be used as is or modified to match your own needs.

The corresponding code can be downloaded using the download option of the menu that is displayed at the top of each page beyond this one.
I'll appreciate your feedback about this tricks, feel free to use the contact page to mail any feed-back.

Lotusscript LotusScript
  Excel et Lotus Notes ExcelReport

Lotusscript library allowing the creation of Excel reports in a few programming instruction.

Developed in OO mode, the printing of a selected set of documents can be triggered in 5 Lotusscript specifications.

The main idea behind this tool is to use an Excel file as model of the report, and exchange data between Notes documents and Excel (both directions) using corresponding names (Notes item and Excel named cells).


Masque Notes universel AnyDocForm

A Notes/Domino application that allows editing any text, number and date item in any Notes document, without using the original form if any.
More, allows to add new items or delete existing items in documents.

Includes the deployment process and security settings. You can download it from this site.

Javascript JavaScript
  Javascript et XML XML2HTML

A Javascript function computing an XML string from the content of form fields. This function can be used before submitting the form to the server to send XML data in place of the individual fields.
The function uses the name of the HTML elements as XML tags.

  Javascript FillOptionList

Javascript function to load option values for a select field.
There are numerous samples of this function.
When options are depending from a preceding select field, this function allows to automatically discard the incompatible choices already made in depending fields.

Soon on line
  Commande AS400 RunMnyCmd

Set of RPG and CLP programs allowing management of AS400 objects lists, and execution of AS400 commands on all or a subset of the objects of a list.
This tool is very valuable to manage libraries, deploy new versions of software ...

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